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Easy Steps to becoming a money-making affiliate!

It takes just a few minutes to generate your eBarô code! eBarôs provide targetted ads tailored to your web site's visitors' interests. This improves conversion rates and leads to higher profits from commissions on eBay sales! You are paid directly by eBay, via their eBay partner network!

Please note that due to eBay Partner Network policy, we cannot allow eBarôs to be used on any web site containing adult-, violent-, illegal- or gambling-related material.

Firstly, please ensure you have signed up to eBay Partner program. If you have not already done this please sign up now.

If you want to know how you will get paid see eBay payments.

If you have any other questions relating to eBay, being an eBay Partner, the eBay Partner Network's relationship with eBarster, or how being an eBay partner works, see eBay frequently asked questions.

NOTE To create this eBarô, we make use of eBay's rss generation. As a result, some of the colors our classic eBar supports are not supported in this eBarô - for example "red", "green", "blue" etc - you must only use hex values to generate colors for this eBarô. It is also not possible to change the color of the main text from black to another color, so this may affect your choice of other colors to use to generate this eBarô.

Generate an eBarTM

NOTE: Once you submit the settings below, the eBarô on the right hand side of this page will change to reflect your changes.

Before you start, please enter an email address so that we can contact you if there are any issues you need to know about eBars and any future updates, new features etc.

No default

1.Type the url (the full url to the first page) you want the eBarô to be included in

Required Field, no default

e.g. (MUST include http://)

NOTE: If you leave any or all of the following options as set you will get the default

2. If you are a member of the eBay Partner program (see above), and have the eBay Partner Network CampId (affiliate id), you can earn commission on 50% of the listings generated by typing in your Affiliate id (or Camp Id) here:

Defaults to 5335809603

e.g. 2926871

3. If you are an eBay Seller, and have a Seller Id, you can optionally give preference to your eBay listings if you type in your eBay SellerId here..

Defaults to "" (none)


4.Choose a font family to use in your eBarô

Defaults to arial

(e.g. arial, times roman, helvetica, verdana, geneva)

5.Choose a font color to use in your eBarô

Defaults to CC2502 (red)

(e.g. 000000, FFFFFF, red, blue, green)

6.Choose a font color to use for the prices in your eBarô

Defaults to 0000FF blue

(e.g. 000000, FFFFFF, 0000FF)

7.Choose a background color to use in your eBarô

Defaults to FFFFFF white

(e.g. 000000 or FFFFFF)

8.Choose a width to use in your eBarô

Defaults to 300

(e.g. 300,400,500,600)

9.Choose a height to use in your eBarô

Defaults to 600

(e.g. 400, 500, 600)

10.Choose a border to use in your eBarô

Defaults to 0

(e.g. 0,1)

Generate eBar

11.Copy and paste the following code into your web page exactly where you want the eBarô to appear:
<!--ebar placement script -->
<iframe id="ebar" width="300" height="600" scrolling="no" frameborder="0">
<!--end of ebar placement script -->

12.Copy and paste the following code into your web page AT THE VERY END, after ALL html:
<script type="text/javascript">
<!--ebar generation script -->
function ebar()
document.getElementById("ebar").src="" + document.location.href + "&" ;
<!--end of ebar generation script -->

Some 'preferred' settings
To populate the fields on the left automatically with some standard template settings, click on one of the "Populate" buttons below.

Template 1:

  • fontfamily=arial
  • fontcolor=black
  • pricecolor=blue
  • bgcolor=white
  • width=300
  • height=400

    Template 2:
  • fontfamily=verdana
  • fontcolor=cc2502
  • pricecolor=008000
  • bgcolor=00ffff
  • width=300
  • height=600

    Template 3:
    (similar to default Google Ads template)
  • fontfamily=verdana
  • fontcolor=000000
  • pricecolor=008000
  • bgcolor=ffffff
  • width=300
  • height=600

    Compare our preview (right hand side >>) with the Adsense one for your site, by going to an AdSense preview site

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